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Kvaliteten och finishen är som utlovat av allra högsta klass.

VOLCANO Jewel Collection

Passa på att beställa dessa otroligt välarbetade halsband till introduktionspris. Finhalsband för speciella tillfällen med din 4-fota följeslagare. Såklrat att han eller hon är värd flärd och extra lyx!

The Volcano jewel collar is made of soft calf italian leather and suede.

The outer part of the collar is made of fine suede leather and the part in contact with the dog’s hair is made of very soft and comfortable calf leather, so as to best protect the coat of the dog.

This gives the product unique features such as softness, resistance and maximum comfort, since it has no insertions, protrusions or metal parts on the lower part of the collar, that is in contact with the neck of the dog.

The edge has a cut finishing named “rib”: it is smoothed, waxed and brushed for maximum protection of the hair.

Thanks to the myriad of colors of Swarovsky stones applied in contrast to each other on the collar, depending on how you look at the product you will get a shaded and irregular effect that looks and recalls the typical colors of volcano lava.

All metal parts are made of iron and zamak alloy, finished in palladium bath.
The buckle is customized with Malucchi brand.

Colours: Orange / Fuchsia / Black

Model:  Standard with clasp / Half-Choke

Collar, all sizes and models: 1 300 Kr

Leash: all colours: 1 000 Kr


Vid köp av varor ur MALUCCHIs sortiment ges garanti för 1 år.

Malucchi tillverkar läderprodukter av hög kvalitet för använding vid speciella tillfällen. Du ska känna dig nöjd och stolt över ditt val!

Välkommen till MALUCCHIS värld!

Fullständiga villkor kommer att skickas med din vara.

GALA Jewel Collection

Our handcraft production offers this new collection on the market, a perfect outpouring of manual processing combined with an innovative and modern exaltation of light and crystal shades.

A futuristic vision, a completely new concept of our jewel collections.

Shaded crystals wrapped in a dark leather that suggest the immensity of a galaxy that envelops a whole constellation.

Its design is unique and elegant, the effect obtained is a real surreal exaltation of color.

The Swarovsky crystals used are of three colors: smoky black, anthracite gray and crystal color.

The leathers used are: fine soft calf leather  and all the finishes and internal parts are made of velvety nubuck  to guarantee and protect the dog’s fur.


Colours: Black leather, various colours of Swarowski crystals

Model:  Standard with clasp / Half-Choke

Collar, all sizes and models: 1 300 Kr

Leash: 1 000 Kr

“Handmade products realized by specialized hands of Tuscan craftsmen according to the old Florentine tradition

For forty years Malucchi is characterized by a production made according to the ancient tradition of Florentine leather processing. Each item is created by Riccardo Malucchi taking care of every detail, using only the highest quality components that transform products into real jewels. The experience and continuous research put the company at the top of the high leatherwear and create a “unique and unrepeatable” product that represents the perfect symbiosis between innovation and ancient techniques. Carefully selected materials, precious decorations and elegant details give our products a delicate glamour taste.